The Members of Sigma Eta Pi come from a diverse set of majors, backgrounds, and interests.  As an organization, we celebrate multidisciplinary projects and draw upon each other's ideas and expertise to build amazing things.  



AutoPreme car floor mats add style, protect your car, and retain resale value. The ultimate combination of both luxury and protection.

AutoPreme is a car accessory company based in Los Angeles, California, on a mission to disrupt the current auto accessory industry by bringing elegance to the little details. 

In an industry that is filled with sub-par products with no physical appeal, AutoPreme comes in to change the game. The car accessory business is dominated by a select few companies, who all produce similarly styled accessories. AutoPreme is here to give consumers a real choice when shopping for car accessories. 


Ryde Bikes

Ryde is a bike-share platform where bike owners can list their bikes and users can conveniently and cheaply rent a bike using a mobile app.

Ryde aims to create a simple and unique bike sharing service specifically designed for college campuses and its students that will promote both student innovation and campus connectivity. Beyond the product, Ryde seeks to help strengthen the collegiate atmosphere by recruiting students to help grow the Ryde initiative and working with campus businesses and organizations to bolster the university economy. 



RecipMe is a mobile application that suggests recipe ideas to a user based on what the user has in his/her kitchen.

RecipMe tracks your ingredients and finds recipes to use them before they expire, helping you sync your account with your favorite supermarket loyalty cards and effortlessly update your kitchen with recent purchases.